Cargo &Cargo-X& XT

Cargo (2piston) /Cargo-X(4 piston) &Cargo-XT(4 piston, thicker pad)
2 & 4 Piston caliper in excellent power and modulation. Designed for Cargo or tricycle Bikes.

- Open system
- Mineral Oil
- Top Loading Pads: 4mm (Thicker 5mm pad for XT version only)
- Inline & Banjo (Banjo for 4piston only) Fitting
- Reed Sensor (power off device) with wire(for Cargo-E & Cargo-XE)


- 4 Finger Forged Lever Blade(Ball End)

- Forged Aluminum Body

- Tooled Reach Adjust

-SEZ Plug(option for internal hose routing)

- Finish:Anodise Black 


- 2 &4 Piston Forged Caliper

- Semi-Metallic Brake Pad: 4mm (compatible with Shimano G &D type)(Thicker 5mm pad for XT version only)

- inline & Banjo Fitting(Bangjo is available for 4 piston only) 

- Finish:Anodise Black